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Your investment portfolio an important sum of how well you’re doing in the investment market. Whatever your goal is with the money you hope to gain, you need to ensure that you’re not making mistakes with that portfolio. You need to strengthen it in order to ensure you get the most profits you can and that you do it as safely as possible.


Surely everyone has heard the term “diversify your portfolio” at some point? Of course, it often strikes people as something that doesn’t really have much meaning. That it’s just something people say in order to sound like they’ve got a better financial mind than they actually have. Well, it actually turns out to be pretty decent advice. It basically means that you’re thinning your risk. By spreading your investment money over several types of asset, rather than on one asset, you avoid putting all your eggs in one basket.

Some people may not necessarily want to move from one type of asset to another. For example, those who love investing in real estate may not have any interest in stocks or gold or art. However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t diversify within that asset type. You may have a couple of houses in the suburbs; but how about looking into recreational properties, too? You can read more at

Don’t just bet on the big dogs

Investors love the look of big companies. It sounds awesome having stocks in Apple and Facebook and McDonald’s. This is especially prevalent in investors who have gotten quite a lot of success. With the money to splurge on shares in more expensive companies, they felt like they’ve ‘evolved’, without the need to invest in smaller fish anymore. Heck, this is the approach that many newcomers take, too. Why invest in companies other than the big names?

It’s true that the bigger names in the mainstream tend to make for safer bets. Really big drops in their stock are usually rare, and a strong lifespan is all but guaranteed. No-one can really imagine the likes of Apple and Facebook closing down tomorrow. (That being said, one should never forget just how quickly a company can fall from grace.) But smaller companies have, of late, been outperforming many larger ones. So relative to your investment, it can bring in a much higher profit. Read more about this over at

Rethink your tax strategy

The thing that sucks a shocking amount of money from your investments? Taxes. (Of course.) Accumulated over time, taxes tend to be the highest expense in your entire portfolio. A lot of investors make the mistake of just letting tax do it’s own thing. (And others make the even bigger mistake of dodging them altogether!)

You should do your best to ensure that tax costs don’t end up eating large amounts of your profits. You can do this by properly managing them, or getting the assistance of an accountant or tax lawyer to do it for you. There are several strategies you should look into, such as asset location, tax-loss harvesting, and withdrawal order. Check out for more information.

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