Blogging Is Real Work

Blogging Is Hard Work“So, what do you do ALL day?”

That’s a question I hear all the time. Whenever someone asks me what I do for a living, I almost always hesitate – not because I’m ashamed – but because I know that about 1,000 more questions are about to follow.

This isn’t anything new though. My title at my last job was “Business Valuation Analyst,” and that always led to about 1,000 questions whenever I said it. I would always explain, and there would always be blank stares back at me.

I don’t “just” blog, but I don’t think any other bloggers do either. Blogging entails a lot of work, and I think those outside of the blogging world don’t know about everything else that goes on behind the curtains.

Even though blogging can be a lot of work, I do enjoy it a lot (the same goes for many bloggers) and so it’s not like I’m dreading the time I spend blogging.

However, there is a reason why many bloggers don’t last past 6 months, it’s because there is so much that goes on behind the scenes! Not everyone is cut out for blogging. Also, money never comes right away, often years pass before a blogger can make some money.

Below are some of the things that happen when you have a blog. Remember that most bloggers do freelancing work outside of blogging, and they mainly have their blog as a platform for the freelancing services that they offer. So, a lot of work goes into blogging, but even more probably goes into the other services that a blogger offers.

Creating content.

Of course, you need content if you are going to be a blogger. And, you want high-quality content. If your content sucks then no one will read it and blogging would just be pointless.

I remember one time someone asked me what I do all day because they said that writing a blog post probably only takes 5 minutes. I had to laugh when I heard that!

If it only took 5 minutes to write a blog post, I would have a ton of free time. I usually spend hours writing a blog post, and many times I go back days later to read it again.

You also need a good headline, which I am probably the worst at. Coming up with a good headline can take a lot of time!

Then you need more content.

Even if you can write, you need a lot of content in order to have a blog that people keep coming back to. This is one of the reasons why many bloggers don’t make it past the 6 month mark – they run out of ideas for blog posts and no longer have the passion for it.

Also, most bloggers don’t have just one website. Many have several, and offer many other services. I don’t really know of any blogger who lives only off of one blog alone – it would be very difficult. If you have multiple websites, then you will need articles on all of these websites.

I have over 5 websites, and I also manage websites for many others. It takes a lot of time to manage it all!

Many bloggers are also starting to do podcasts, YouTube videos, radio/TV interviews and writing ebooks, which means that you will need even more content. Podcasts and interviews take time, and you need a great personality for it as well.

You will need to do research.

Just like if you were doing a school paper, research will need to be done. If you spew out random information then you should have facts to back up your claims.

You will need to know about SEO.

I am horrible when it comes to SEO, but it is something that I am slowly learning more and more about.

Many successful bloggers are great when it comes to SEO, and I think their SEO skills helped them get to where they are a little bit more quickly than someone who knows nothing about SEO.

Networking and marketing.

This is not a requirement of blogging, but networking is something that I like to do and I enjoy. I think that if you never networked, then it would be hard for you to become a successful blogger.

Networking means that you may have to have a Twitter account, Facebook, Pinterest, Google+ and more. You have to actually manage each one and that can be time-consuming.

Networking also means that you should try to attend blog-related conferences, such as FinCon. They are a ton of fun though 🙂

I like reading and commenting on blogs. For some reason, many people don’t believe that reading and commenting can bring enjoyment, but it actually does. I like to be nosy and read about other bloggers’ lives, and I like to chime in and comment as well. I almost always go back and see if there was a reply to my comment to.

Recently, I was talking to Holly and she explained why she likes to comment, and she said it perfectly. She said that since she works from home, reading and commenting on posts are her form of socializing with others, which is exactly how I feel.

You also have to run it like a business.

You might need an office, to start a company (such as an LLC), do your own taxes, hire other workers, and so on. The list goes on and on and this is pretty much all of the boring stuff that goes on with blogging as well.

Other things that go into blogging:

  • You need a design for your website.
  • You might have technical difficulties with your website that need to be handled ASAP.
  • Formatting posts.
  • Images for content.
  • You need to figure out how you will actually make money.


What else am I forgetting?

Do you think blogging is easy or a way to make a quick buck?


Photo credit: I found the photo on Pinterest and searched all over for the original owner. Could not find the person but the picture is amazing and perfect for this article.


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  2. Wow-someone thought you are as successful as you are by working 5 minutes a day? Crazy!
    I agree, blogging is fun, but its really a lot of work. I want to monetize, but have not yet, and even just doing this on the side and for fun is time consuming. But, so worth it.

    Yes, content is hard. There are so many people with and so many voices out there, that you need to be original and create something that others have not read yet.

    You do a great job Michelle!

  3. I’d say you forgot have fun right 😉

    Great post, what are your thoughts on the importance of SEO.. Is it really that big of a deal.. Saw Financial Samurai say that it really isn’t

    What sort of research do you normally do too?


    Career Crusader aka Jef 🙂

    • I’m not big on SEO. I do think it can help too.

      Research includes all sorts of things, for example – finding stats for your articles.

      • Thanks for the reply Michelle, that is one thing I notice you are great at, replying to most if not all of your comments :).. People take notice of this, keep up the great work, loving the momentumn you are creating for yourself

  4. I follow several blogs and kind of daydream of having one myself. Some of the blogs I follow have really neat web design, and then I think, How do they do that? it’s very intimidating. I sure appreciate you guys who share all the stuff that goes into it, though. It makes me think twice if I can keep it up.

    You’re right. One of my big worries is “Will I have enough ideas to keep me going?”

  5. I started my blog as something “fun” to do on the side, but then the overachiever in me took over, and now I am focused on making it something “more.” This has led to a TON of work where sometimes the blog feels like my full time job. But the great thing about blogging, unlike some other jobs, is that the more you put into it, the more you get out of it. You are truly only limited by your own commitment.

  6. Blogging is definitely not an easy way to make a quick buck! I refer to myself as a hobby blogger because it’s what I do in my “spare” time to keep my writing skills sharp (and it’s fun!). I’ve learned a lot of interesting things about running a blog like a business from you which I’m so grateful for!

    My day job is public relations and I help companies start their blogs and one of my biggest pet peeves is when a company says, “We need a blog!” and then doesn’t continue to support it with content (even though they have content in scads!). Rant over.

    SEO can be a tough one because the “rules” seem to change a lot. Promoting my own blog is one place where I trip up and I could definitely do a better job at promoting older posts instead of letting them just collect dust.

    • I have helped a few companies start their blogs as well, and my biggest pet peeve is when they don’t understand that you can’t automatically get 1,000 visits to your site each day right when you start. Many of them expect that within the first week which is just crazy to me!

  7. Writing a post in 5 minutes? That’s funny! I will admit, though, that I VASTLY underestimated the amount of time blogging would take before I started. Just putting up an occasional half-hearted post is one thing, trying to build a blog and earn a living is another thing altogether!

  8. I can’t recommend the research bit enough! Sometimes I have these amazing thoughts in my head, but if I can’t find the source I got it from way back, I can’t write about it. I need to get better at bookmarking my information so I can find it when I want to write about it.

  9. So far, I’ve really enjoyed blogging and owning a blog. Sometimes it can be challenging when you aren’t progressing as quickly as you would like but I am definitely learning along the way. It definitely takes me a lot longer than 5 mins to write a post : )

  10. I don’t think blogging is easy. I started one, and it’s tough to get the gears all going at the same time in the same direction. And then to keep up! But, it’s supposed to be a learning experience to see if it’s what I really want to do so I’m letting myself grow into it. Do I have enough to write about? Can I make it interesting? I won’t know until I try. Of course, the decision I’m at is when should I start networking to get some visitors. I’m anonymous with no readers right now, so there’s very little anxiety or pressure to provide for the people.. But when should that change? After a certain number of posts? When I think the blog layout and colors are all perfect? When I’ve decided what niche I’ll be in (I’m currently at “anything goes” until I figure it out)? (Then what if it takes 5 years to pick a niche?) I’m way early in the game yet and I guess still a little shy somehow. I’m not even at the money-making part and I’m struggling to get over huge hurdles. Easy? No. Way. 🙂 Much respect for bloggers (those who put in more than 5 minutes!).

    • I started out as anonymous, but once I realized that I wanted to be a full-time freelancer, I changed to public 🙂

  11. Blogging *can* be easy, but it all depends on the purpose of blogging. I don’t imagine blogging for money is easy at all, considering the amount of time I put into my “just for fun” posts. Some of my posts take HOURS to write – and that’s not even factoring the amount of time my head is preoccupied thinking about the topic.

  12. I agree – it takes me hours to write posts. I always have changes that I want to make. It’s not easy, but it depends on where you want to take your blog and how serious you are about it. I definitely didn’t realize all the “background” stuff that went into blogging beforehand. It’s a decent amount of effort!

  13. Blogging is clearly NOT easy. In my case it’s just for fun so far, but I’d like to make it as a second income source (after my web design business).

    • If it were easy everyone would be doing it and making an absoulte killing out of it..

      A great book I’ve read about obstacles is the last lecture by Randy Pansch :), he talks about living your childhood dreams, obstacles etc.. Check it out on Youtube as well, inspiring stuff.

      On a side note, love your website, great design Dojo, did you design yourself, I’d love to touch base.. Hit me up on my site and please send an email

  14. Definitely not easy or quick. Since I started blogging so many people come up to me saying they want to start a site. I say go for it, but if you plan to turn it into a business, know that it will be like working a job for free while you get started and after that, it will take TONS of time too.

    • I agree Stef, at the same time though if you are doing something you love and are passionate about it will or should rarely feel like hard work..

      For me a blogging/business is really about freedom from the corporate chains, although I enjoy the corp world, can not see myself wanting to work in that space much past 40, if not 30 :). I’ve got 5 years 😉 ha

    • Yes, same here. So many people ask me, but when I tell them about what they actually have to do, a lot of them say they didn’t realize the amount of time that I put in.

  15. I have been posting in my blog for almost 9 months, but I cannot say people want to read me much. Without networking, I’d have no readers at all. Actually, when I started blogging, I thought it was like toy to play with. Just put a 5 min per day in it – and everything will be just fine with your blog. Now I can see I was wrong. I agree, that blogging requires a lot of work, commitment, persistence, and having some unique personality to share with your potential readers. Otherwise nobody will just read you… So, do you like a hard work? Then start blogging…

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