The Best Investment Opportunities Bar None

If you have recently come into a large amount of money, or are starting to do well as a result of your business or career progression, congratulations! A large and exciting realm of possibilities now exists before you, waiting for you to take advantage and plan for your future. Not everyone who comes into money is aware of how to use it wisely, however. There are many stories of self-made millionaires and people who win money becoming bankrupt soon after they had their life seemingly made. It’s not hard to imagine why this might be. Sometimes, people get too excited about a financial opportunity and invest much of their money in it before they fully understand how the business is progressing, before researching how the idea is likely to be executed when it finally meets the market, or before checking who is running the enterprise taking the investment.

To get around this, investing in the right and most profitable industries is wise for your first extended investment opportunity. Choose the right firm, and your money will be rewarded well in kind for your initial trusting investment.


Real Estate

Real estate firms have gone from strength to strength since the 2008 financial crash. They are now stronger than ever, as more and more people require homes. The exponential population increase is well and truly being felt in the modern world, and as a result so is the desire for adequate housing. Firms such as Invitation Homes are reporting increased market growth, meaning that there has never been such a great time for an investor to bestow funds upon the firms in question. Real estate, especially in the major cities, is a field where you can at least expect some worthwhile return on your investment. This form of ‘betting’ is much safer, much more sustainable long-term, and might even help families secure their first home. You’ll never know if you don’t try.


Renewable Energy

Hot on the mind of most modern people is how we will be experiencing renewable energy in the decades to come. Landmark rulings such as the UK banning the sale of diesel and petrol cars by 2040 show that the market is hungry for more avenues of renewable energy being public. In the US, the renewable energy job market is saturated with skilled workers, as opposed to standard fossil fuel labourers which is suffering a deep lack of skilled labour. As more and more firms switch to clean and renewable energy sources, the prospect of investment grows, and the potential return could be significant if you choose the right firm.



Automation is a large and controversial topic. Job losses are never good and can sometimes fracture an economy if large enough. No matter your political stance, it’s hard to argue that full automation is not on its way.  The biggest employment category of ‘driver’ in the United States is falling victim to automated driving cars, which experts have predicted could completely scupper the driving industry. No matter your opinion on the matter, you should realize that this field could potentially be the most lucrative training on this list.

Place in these three vital areas, and you can be sure to see some return on your investment.

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