Becoming A Better Futures Trader


Futures trading carries a certain degree of risk, and whether you have devised your own system or adapted one to better fit your needs, there are a number of steps and tips that you can follow to improve your trading performance. Avoid common mistakes like deviating from an effective strategy, but do be prepared to adapt if the market demands it. Learn everything you can about the market and the contracts that you are trading, and use the tools at your disposal to help ensure effective trading.

Avoid Common Mistakes

If you are new or relatively new to futures trading, then avoid some of the common mistakes that novice traders make. If you see early success using your system, don’t deviate or adapt the system without good reason. Ensure that you are protected, typically through the use of buy or sell stops, and don’t be so rigid that you are afraid to adapt.


You should learn everything you can about the market that you are trading, and be prepared for the fact that there is always more to learn. Try to concentrate on a particular area of trading, because this specialisation can help to reduce the amount of knowledge that you will need to soak up and take on board, and also because specialisation does help to ensure that you have a greater chance of being able to master a particular area.


Markets regularly change and evolve, and this means that you must be prepared to adapt yourself. While you shouldn’t deviate from a proven strategy that does not show signs of faltering, you should be prepared to make changes if the markets and results demand those changes. Sticking with a system that is netting minimal returns or even one that is making a loss, because it once brought in considerable gains, will see you lose any edge that you gained. 

Use The Right Tools At The Right Time

Use analytical tools, keep your own records, and find a trading method that best suits your needs. Don’t instantly think that online trading is best. Online trading is extremely rigid, whereas phone brokering can be tailored to meet your needs and your broker can support and even assist in your trading. What’s more, you can ask questions when on the phone but not when you’re online. Many financial brokers offer services like these, Sucden Financial explain the benefits of both online and phone brokering here.

Think For Yourself

If you do follow a trading system, remember that you are not alone and this can limit your potential success. What’s more, a system is unlikely to have been set up for precisely your situation and your requirements. Adapt the system, introduce buy and sell stops of your own, and be prepared to follow your own system rather than blindly following somebody else’s.

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