Be Your Own Boss

You have dreamt about it, and even talked about it endlessly with your besties. Still, you can’t seem to embark on this particular journey. Being your own boss is something that you have been wanting to do pretty much since you graduated, but an initial lack of experience in your chosen field and fear for an overwhelming sense of responsibility after that made you hide in your 9-to-5 routine until now.

You thought you could push the idea of being your own boss to the back of your mind but with time, this desire is growing stronger. Being the manager of your own work takes hard work and determination but for many, it is a feeling they wouldn’t trade for anything else in the world.

Here’s how to become your own boss.

Make a list of the pros and cons

Being your own boss can sound very appealing, but the consequences of having ill-thought how to go about this won’t be so exciting. Being your own boss takes good planning and careful consideration, and one of the first things you should do if you want to be your own manager is to write a list of the pros and cons involved. Surely managing your own time will be in the pros end of the spectrum, and having the entire financial burden of starting a company on your shoulders in the cons side. The latter might, however, be something that excites and challenges you, so it could turn out to be a pro item. Grab your favourite notebook and write a list of what means for you to be your own boss.


Once you have decided that you really want to be your own boss, setting yourself up as a freelancer and establishing your business in today’s competitive market will be the next steps you need to take. These will be easier or more difficult depending on the health of your network and whether the people that you already know might use your services in the future. Every business has to be marketed to an extent and it will be your job to do this, at least at the start of your venture. Do you not know where to start marketing your services? Don’t fret, these mba marketing programs online could help you find the knowledge you are looking for.


This is one of the most important words you will hear in your entrepreneurial journey. According to the online dictionary, discipline is “the ability to control yourself or other people, even in difficult situations”, and this will be one of the most useful tools you will possess in your journey to set up your own business. Discipline doesn’t come easy – in fact, nothing that’s worth having does – and it is one of those things that, just like patience, we need to train. This article by Forbes explains what the key processes are behind gaining self-discipline.

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