If Amazon Couldn’t Make A Profit, How Can You?

Making a profit in a new business isn’t easy. In fact, many new enterprises run at a loss for a good while before they start to see a profit. The most famous example is Amazon. Despite changing the face of ecommerce, this internet giant operated for a whopping six years before seeing a profit. Even now, at $857 million, they’re way behind their competition. Yet, when you think of successful businesses of recent years, Amazon is up there. So, why has it taken them so long to see a profit?

In truth, start up costs, boosting sales and so on isn’t easy. Even for Amazon. But, there’s no denying that many small businesses can’t wait six years to see a return. Instead, they fold because there’s no way to continue.

To stop the same happening to you, it’s worth considering the fastest ways you can clear the path for profit. Read on to discover how.

Clear your starting debt fast

The main reason it takes a long time to see profit is that starting costs are so high. Most of us have to take out a variety of loans to even be in with a chance of making our ideas a success. As such, we’re starting our business way in the red. It’s no wonder, then, that it takes a while before our profits actually land with us. To solve this issue, it may be worth considering a bill consolidation loan. With one of these in place, all your debts will be in one place. You’ll no longer have to worry about many different outgoings. This will make it much easier for you to develop a fast-track repayment plan.


Keep your early expenses down

Every entrepreneur knows the importance of minimizing your outgoings where possible. What you might not realize is how extreme you need to go to see a profit. Avoid hiring staff, or even using top equipment, until you start to see success. Otherwise, it’ll be even longer before you see a profit. That said, you need to find a delicate balance here. Your products still need to be top quality. Otherwise, you’ll struggle to sustain a customer base. Know where you can and can’t compromise. That factory space may not be important right now, but the best materials for your product should always be a priority.

Use financial statements

Those early financial statements are essential, and never more so than when you first start out. Everything you need to know about making a profit is within those sheets. All you need to do is understand how to read them. Take note of your losses and profits to gain a decent understanding of the gap between the two. Make note, too, of when sales are at their highest, and see if you can extend that trend somehow. Once you have a few financial statements to hand, you should be able to develop estimated profit margins. With a bit of luck, this will turn profits from fairytale to reality!

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