Ahead of the Curve: Top 4 Penny Stocks to Watch in 2019

2019 has begun with a bear market, and for some people, that is incentive to stay away. However, keep in mind that when stocks are low is the best time to buy, in anticipation of a market turnaround at some point in the future. Though no one at this juncture can say exactly when the market will rebind, one thing is certain: even as we speak, people are keeping a close eye on stocks of all kinds, thinking that now’s the time to beef up their portfolios. For many, it’s penny stocks that have caught their attention, and here are four that are worth considering in the new year.

Central European Media Enterprises Ltd.

This stock is a subsidiary of Warner Media, and it is an entertainment and media company that is based in Eastern Europe. CETV reaches 40 million people at the moment, through 29 different TV channels. Of the four major broadcast markets in the region, it is the most successful. This is largely due to the confidence and backing of Warner Media. They took a 31% stake in the company ten years ago, and since then they have increased their ownership to 44%, as they have seen good returns. In the last four years, gross profits for CETV have jumped by 14%, making this a stock to keep an eye on in 2019.

Mizuho Financial Group Inc.

A Tokyo-based Japanese holding company, Mizuho controls $1.8 billion in assets, with a focus on financial strategy, retail banking,  and global asset management. This diverse stream of revenue has allowed the company to generate $57 million in profit last year, while earnings grew over 2%. Though it is currently trading at close to $3, investors anticipate that it will be closer to $4 by the end of 2019.

The Container Group Store Inc.

This American retail firm offers organization solutions and sells storage to various entities. TCS has established over 80 stores across the nation and is set to expand this year. Their gross has jumped by 7% in less than two years, and there is no reason to think they have reached their ceiling. The company has reduced its debt since 2013, and it seems clear they have high hopes for the future. The stock currently trades at less than $5, but some investors are looking for a steep increase over the next 12 months.

Turquoise Hill Resources Ltd.

This is a British Columbia-based company that is one of Canada’s largest exploration and mineral development outfits. They target development of mines along the Pacific Rim, and they have beat estimates in the past year by 255%. It’s hard to say whether that is going to continue to such an extent this year, but many analysts feel strongly that this one is a winner.

These are only a few of the cheap stocks on the rise, and with the current market downturn, you may want to seriously consider adding these and others to your portfolio. There is no reason to fear a bear market. It is a time of opportunity for those who are fearless enough to dive in.

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