6 Challenging Careers For The Left-Brained

Left brained people and right brained people both have a different set of strengths, according to studies and science. While right-brained people are more creative and intuitive, left-brained people are more analytical, logical, and objective. They are also thought to have Impressive problem solving skills that can help in numerous different career paths. Here are 6 challenging careers for left-brained people!


As a lawyer, it’ll be your job to represent people in court. You may spend your time defending people, or prosecuting them depending on what you choose to do. You’ll specialize in one or the other. You’ll need to be able to represent good arguments in the courtroom and work to the best of your abilities to help your client. It’s worth noting that sometimes, you may be hired to defend guilty people. You’ll also spend your time interviewing, researching, and taking care of paperwork. No day is the same in the life of a lawyer.

If you have an interest in the law and you want to make a difference in people’s lives, this could be a great career for you.


A role in accountancy is great for anybody who has a mind for numbers and a keen eye for detail. You may work in-house accounting for a specific business, for an accounting firm, or even freelance with multiple clients. They can all offer lucrative opportunities. Your calculations will need to be accurate and you’ll need to adhere to the rules and regulations of the place you practice.

There are many similar careers you can look at too, like that of a financial analyst. In this role you may help companies figure out how to better manage their finances and when to do things like buy, sell, or hold.  

Civil Engineer

It’s a civil engineer’s role to improve and protect the environment that we live in. You would plan, design, and oversee construction and maintenance of building structures and infrastructure. You may work on airports, roads, railways, and sewerage systems, amongst other things. You’ll need to come up with great ideas, so an element of creativity is required in this job. You’ll then need to bring your ideas to life!


You probably realize how challenging the role of a scientist can be. What your work and day looks like will depend largely on the type of scientist you become. You could become a rocket scientist, an agriculture scientist, an astronomer, or something else. You can focus on whatever your interest may be, whether that’s the stars or human behaviour. It’ll be your job to perform research in your area of study, exploring different methods and techniques of doing things and attempting to answer questions.  You may also need to create papers and reports in your area of study as you go about your experiments.



As a surgeon, you’ll need a strong medical background. You’ll review procedures and speak with patients, but most critically, you’ll need to be able to perform accurately and efficiently in the operating room. Some surgeries may be minor, and others may mean you’re on your feet for hours. There are famous pictures out there of surgeon assistants napping in the operating room as they have been standing and working for so long.

You need a high level of focus and concentration for this. You may even choose to focus on one area of the body, like the brain. This would make you a Neurosurgeon. The job may seem tough, but when you see the average yearly salary by country for a neurosurgeon you’ll likely be tempted. Just be prepared for years of training and study before you can practice.

Computer Programmer

If you’re interested in computers and you have a way with things like coding, you could become a computer programmer. You may spend your days creating important software, using languages that the computer can understand to make it work efficiently. You may even develop apps with instructions from clients on what they should do and what they should look like. You’ll need to constantly evaluate and increase the program’s effectiveness to be the best programmer. You may work for companies in house, or go freelance, offering your services to individuals and businesses. If you’re confident in this role, you can make more money this way.

Do you think any of these 6 careers suit you as a left-brained person? Do you know any right-brained people in these careers (it is possible!)? Leave your thoughts and comments below!

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