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I know, I know, I’ve been talking about blogging a lot lately. Last week I published Out Of New Ideas For Articles and Blog Posts? This week I’m going to talk about five different ways to market your blog.

This is a question I am often asked by new bloggers. I definitely do not have a big blog by any means, but I do many different things to network and hopefully get my name out there. Thankfully, networking and marketing are some of my favorite parts about blogging.

Below are five ways to market your blog and attract new readers:

1. Create great content.

My top tip to market your blog is to always produce great content. You can market your blog an insane amount but if your content sucks then no one will stay. Instead, they will read a sentence and run away screaming.

Always produce great content, make sure your posts are engaging, do your research, and make your readers want to come back for more.

2. Guest post.

Guest posting is something I will admit I do not do enough of. I do participate in interviews, but I haven’t done an actual guest post in years it feels like.

Guest posting is a great way for new readers to find you. You can reach out to a blog owner you are interested in writing for and ask if they accept guest posts. Usually they will ask for a few topic ideas from you and give you their requirements.

3. Be active on social media.

There are many different social media networks out there. Social media is a great way to market your blog because EVERYONE has some sort of social media account. It’s just another way for a potential reader to find you.

Social media can also be a great way to get your name out there because most people want to see a real face or a real personality when it comes to reading a blog. I know that when I was “semi-anonymous,” a few people actually stopped reading my blog because they felt like they never really knew the “real” me because I never posted any pictures or shared any of my personal social media accounts. I am now completely public, but I do think that being anonymous held me back the first year.

Now, I am active on all different social media outlets. I have Instagram, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Twitter. You can post links to your articles, publish images, use hashtags, etc. in order to attract readers to your blog.

4. Comment on other blogs and in forums.

This is something I love about blogging. I comment on other blogs and forums (I personally love the Mr. Money Mustache forum, for example) mainly because I am nosy and I don’t want to “miss out” on something in the blogging world and in a blogger’s life. Since I work from home now, commenting is pretty much my form of socializing with others.

Also, make sure you reply to comments on your own blog as well. I often go back to blogs I comment on and see if I was replied to. It’s a nice little touch and can go a long way.

5. Participate in giveaways.

This is something many people have mixed feelings about. For me, I enjoy having giveaways. It’s a way for me to give back to my readers, and I know that many readers have also found me because of giveaways.

There are many ways to hold a giveaway. You can give something away (such as cash, a product, a service, etc.) with no strings attached, or you can ask them you follow you in some form (such as asking them to follow you on Twitter or Facebook). You can have a giveaway by yourself, or you can team up with other bloggers and have a huge giveaway.

I’ve found that both ways can work well if you decide to have a giveaway. The key is to promote your giveaway via giveaway websites in order to find new followers. Just type in “giveaway promote” into a Google search and you will find many giveaway companies that will help you do this. Some are free and some cost a little bit of money. I’ve found that the free giveaway promotions work just fine.

How do you market your blog?


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5 Ways To Market Your Blog — 21 Comments

  1. Large forums are a great way to market your blog – especially if you create a popular thread or post early in one. Simply post a link to your blog in your signature. However, not all forums allow links in signatures.

  2. I’d say number one there is the most important. Do you have tips for how to create great content? I feel this may be an area that I really should i.e. need to improve upon

    Guest posting is a good one as well.. Any suggestions on where to find an index on specfic nieches?

    Thanks Michelle for the great post 🙂

    • Thanks Jeff!

      For great content, just make sure it’s engaging, is well researched, and something that you would actually want to read.

  3. How much time would you say you spend commenting on other people’s sites and on forums? I started out on forums, and still occasionally comment on people’s blogs, but I’ve noticed the return on investment just isn’t there. Just wondering if it eventually picks up…? I really hope so! 🙂

    • Hmm it’s tough to say. Sometimes I don’t spend any time commenting, and others I spend hours reading blogs and commenting. I really enjoy it though and don’t do it just for the networking.

  4. Commenting on other blogs is a great way not only to drive traffic to your blog, but to really get involved in a community. Blogging can be a lonely endeavor, you’re absolutely right. So you need to reach out to people! Plus, you never know what sort of opportunities will come your way from the community you’ve become part of.

  5. I find that, in addition to the marketing benefits, I really enjoy commenting on other blogs (like right now :)!) because I get to learn new things, connect with people, and share my thoughts. And, totally agree on the MMM forums–awesome source of ideas and a great place to get your name out there.

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