5 Tips for Catching Up on Bills After They’ve Gotten Behind

It’s easy to get behind on bills without even realizing it, especially in today’s uncertain economic times. You could easily miss the electric bill and realize that you now owe two month’s worth at once. There are a few tricks to saving or making money where you can and catching up on bills after they’ve gotten behind, but it takes work and dedication. With these five tips, you should be able to get caught back up sooner than you think and any permanent damage is done.

Choose a Cheaper TV Bundle

If you’re struggling to pay your bills, having the biggest TV bundle isn’t the best idea. Pick a cheaper bundle that will still allow you to get some channels you like without costing an arm and a leg. Choose the bundle for you through your television provider by seeing which options are most affordable and which have at least a few of the shows you regularly watch. You wouldn’t want to miss some of your favorite episodes.

Dine In, Not Out

It is far cheaper to eat at home than it is to dine out at a restaurant. Shop sales when you get groceries and find affordable ingredients you can use to make meals. If you live alone, you can eat for cheap if you get the right foods from the store. It may be a bit trickier if you have a family to feed, but the same rule still applies. Dine in and not out and you will see how much you save. This goes for work lunches as well. Bring a bagged lunch from home rather than going out with coworkers or getting something from the vending machines. You may think you’re only spending a few dollars, but that adds up quickly week after week.

Drink Water

Not only is it healthier for you, but it saves you money as well. You can spend a lot less drinking the tap water you already pay for than you would going out and buying soft drinks, chocolate milk, juice, and other beverages. If you don’t like the taste of tap water, or yours isn’t safe to drink, you would still spend a lot less buying some bottles of water for a few dollars a pack than you would getting all those other sugary drinks.

Handle Chores and Housework Yourself

Too many people pay a housekeeper to handle chores around the home. Many hire a handyman to fix things as well. When you’re in a tight spot, you really can’t afford these services. Save some money, at least for now, by handling some of the chores and housework yourself. If you truly need help getting it done, ask some family or friends if they have the experience. It would cost much less to offer them a small gift of thanks for helping than it does to hire an expensive professional.

Sell Unused Items

Sites like Craigslist, LetGo, and even Facebook garage sale pages have become increasingly popular over the years. Take advantage of these available options and sell any unused items you have in your home. You can quickly rack up some cash for bills if you sell things you no longer need. See what prices some of the stuff is going for and set a fair amount for your items.

If you don’t have any financial goals, that’s a sign your finances need an overhaul. You need to start mapping out plans for the future so you don’t get stuck in this spot again. With these five tips in mind, you can start to catch up on your bills after they’ve gotten behind and get your financial situation back under control. It will take some time and effort, but it will be worth it in the end when you’re back on track and creating savings in the process.

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