5 Reasons Real Estate Is A Worthy Investment (And How To Get Started!)

Let’s talk about real estate investments! Are they worthy of your hard earned cash? I’d argue that they are, very much so. In fact, I have five arguments to back me up, written here:

It’s One Of The Safest Investments Around

It doesn’t take an expert to figure out that property has been increasing in value for decades. If you bought a house ten years ago, it would be an absolute bargain compared to today. And, in all likelihood, the value will continue to increase bit by bit. What this means is that real estate is a very safe investment. It’s something you can invest in, and be almost certain it will grow in value over a decade or so. This makes it a much safer investment than stocks or shares, for example. These things are volatile, and there’s every chance your shares can plummet at any moment. All it takes is one event to change the value of someone’s shares. Look at the BP oil crisis as an example of this. When that happened, BP shares decreased in value faster than ever before; many people lost loads of money. Play it safe, and stick to property investment.

You Get More Out Of Your Investment

With a lot of things, you invest in them, and that’s it. You just sit back and wait for them to bring you the money you want. There’s not a great deal else you can get from your investments when you trade Forex or stocks. But, with real estate, you get a lot more for your money. What you end up with is a property that you own. It’s yours to do with as you please. Some people want to renovate it and sell it right away. Others are in for the long-haul, and live in their property while it grows in value, then sell it decades later. My point is, you get more personal involvement out of real estate investments. You’re not just investing in invisible shares or currency pairs; you get something you can use.

Multiple Ways To Make Money

Now, we land on the biggest reason to invest in real estate. What do all the other main investment options have in common? You only make money in one way. You buy something, then sell it when it increases in value. But, with real estate, you have so many ways in which you can make money. Obviously, you can go down the traditional route if you wish. Buy a house, wait a few years, then sell it when it’s worth more. Or, you can try out different options to get more money. Many people choose to add value to their property, so the value increases quicker. They invest in real estate, make cost-effective improvements, and sell it for profit. This is commonly known as property flipping and is a very good way of making quick cash.

Another option is buying a property and then renting it out to other people. This is a very popular method of earning money from your real estate investment. It presents a chance for a regular cash flow, and you can quickly build an empire.

With so many ways to make money, your opportunities are endless. It makes real estate a far more attractive proposition.

Easy To Get Started

Anyone can get started in real estate; there are no proper requirements at all. All you need is a bright mind and a keen eye for properties. Of course, you’ll need some cash to buy these properties with. And, a lot of money goes into buying a house. But, have no fear, there’s plenty of financing options available for you. It’s relatively easy to get a mortgage, as long as your credit history checks out. And, you can always try joining forces with other people and combine your money for joint investments. At the end of the day, real estate is so easy to get into. It’s not an exclusive club that banishes people away. Everyone can get involved, and you should give it a go!

There’s A Property Boom

Okay, this point is very much an argument for the present. At this moment in time, we’re experiencing a property boom. This means the real estate market is in fantastic health. Buying and selling properties can get you more money than ever before. There’s only a slim chance you’ll lose cash on quick property flipping investments. When the market is booming, it’s worth getting involved while you can!

As you can see, there are plenty of reasons real estate is a worthy investment. Personally, it’s up there as one of the top options for you. Everyone should try and own property; it will put you in a commanding position.

Now, I bet a lot of you are interested in learning more about real estate investments, aren’t you? Well, as a treat, I have a few tips on how you can get started. Check them out here:

Register With An Estate Agent

Investing in real estate is all about finding the best properties out there. And, registering with an estate agent is one of the best ways to do this. It puts you on their records, and they’ll notify you of any properties that come on the market. Of course, you can set certain parameters for the agent to consider too. Set a price range and the type of property you’re interested in buying. This helps them filter out any properties that don’t fit your needs and ensures you get the ones you want.

Estate agents have a lot of experience when it comes to finding good properties. It’s their livelihood, and they can help you out a lot. There’s a much better chance of you finding a good investment if you register with an estate agent. Plus, there are other benefits that this can bring you too. For one, they can help you sell any real estate that you might have. So, the selling process is made easier for you too. And, as it says on this page from Bridgfords, some estate agents offer surveying and solicitors too. This means you have all the things you need in one place and don’t have to go out hiring them separately. If you want to invest in real estate, then you’ll need a surveyor and a solicitor, there’s no way to avoid this.

Register with as many agencies as you can, as it will give you the best possible chance of real estate success.

Sort Out Your Finances

As mentioned earlier, you have different options when financing your investment. My top tip is to sort everything out. Get all your financial information together, and figure out the best method for you. Some people might have enough in their savings account to purchase a property right away. If this is the case, then you should go ahead and do it. Remember, real estate is a safe investment; you won’t lose your money.

But, if you need additional help, then you have to consider your options. Are you going to apply for a mortgage, or will you look for some investment partners? Both of these options have their pros and cons. With a mortgage, you get to invest on your own. So, any profits won’t have to be shared out between other people. However, you do have to deal with a mortgage debt hanging over your head.

Naturally, the pros and cons of investment partners will be the opposite of this. You have to share profits out between you, meaning you don’t earn as much. But, there’s no debt hanging over your head, and you haven’t got to go through the mortgage application process.

I can’t tell you which option is the best, it all depend on your personal situation. The important thing is to sort your finances out, so you know which route to choose.



Invest In A Property That Suits Your Needs

If you’re investing alone, then you have to be very careful with your decision. It’s easy to buy something that doesn’t suit your needs. This is the main way people get caught out with real estate investments. They make the wrong choices, and it sets them back. Let me try and explain this to you in more detail.

If you’re investing for the long-haul, then you want a property that’s suitable to live in. So, you’ll buy a house that you like, and will happily live in for many years. Then, you’ll sell it for a profit as the value increases over time. Simple, right? But, if you’re property flipping, you have a different agenda. You don’t want a perfect property; you want something that you can add value too. So, you’ll be interested in houses and flats that need a bit of work done on them. This gives you wiggle room to increase the value and flip it for a profit.

The point is, different people will be interested in different things. Figure out your needs, and then find a property that satisfies them.

Hopefully, these little tips can help you get your feet off the ground and invest in real estate. As the first five points will show you, it’s a very worthy investment!


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