3 Things To Do Before Selecting New Business Premises

When you reach a point in your business where your current premises are no longer suitable for your business needs, you’re at the beginning of a very long road. Whatever the reasons for your new address are, you’re going to have to go through the same long, arduous process.

  • You’re going to have to give notice on your existing lease and work through all the paperwork that this entails.
  • You have to pack up your existing premises, which can be extremely challenging and time-consuming, especially if you’re trying to conduct business as usual at the same time.
  • You have to arrange for the moving of your utility needs, such as electricity and broadband service.
  • You have to update all of your business correspondence to direct to the new premises.

The above are difficult, and stressful, and can cause you to have to suffer through many late nights and early mornings– but they are relatively tame compared to the biggest issue of all: deciding where you’re going to move to.

Finding new premises can be an uphill battle, searching for a property that is suitable for your business, but constantly finding yourself coming up short. A sense of desperation begins to creep in, and it’s at this point you’re most vulnerable. Desperate people will seize on anything that sort of meets their requirements, ignoring sound business advice as they’re so keen to just get on with the moving process and have the matter settled.

This is a trap that it’s imperative you do not fall into. No matter how rushed you are, you still need a good deal; you still need to find premises that are genuinely going to suit your company. That means you should always take a breath and give yourself a chance to run through the to-do list below; if you do all of these before signing a lease, you can be confident you have protected your business in the long run.

Talk to the people who know the area

Premises may seem good, but unless you’re already intimately familiar with the area, you have no way of truly knowing that they’re good– or at least, you don’t if you skip this essential step. Take the time to talk to other businesses in the area, check out what the likes of Tenavox have to say, and even question a few potential customers by striking up conversation at a coffee shop. Just because a set of premises look good doesn’t mean they are what you need, so it’s worth doing the groundwork to ensure that the building is truly right for you.

Check the premises is up to code

A simple call to your local authority can ensure that the premises you are considering are up to code– don’t just take the landlord’s word for it. Check every accreditation and ensure that it’s accurate before you move your business into a new space.

Check the transport links

Transport links are vital to the viability of premises, both for customers and for staff members who have to commute. Spend some times browsing Google Maps to figure out where the nearest train station, bus stop, and main road is. Ideally, you want the journey time from these areas to be less than five minutes.
With the above ticked off, you can be sure that — even if you’re in a rush — you’re always making the right decision about your new business premises. Good luck!

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