3 Questions You Must Ask If You’re Unable To Work

Imagine for a moment that you are unable to work. This could be due to a disability, a physical accident or an illness. Think about what happens to your finances. Suddenly, you’ll no longer have an income that you can rely on. Imagine what this will do to your self-worth. You might not be able to provide for your family, and you may not be able to afford that quality of life that they have grown accustomed to. It’s a scary thought, isn’t it?

It’s far worse when you realize that it could happen. You could get hit by a car tomorrow, and the injury could leave you in constant pain. This would mean that you were unable to sit at a desk for eight or nine hours a day and that could severely limit the type of income that you could earn.

As such, you need to think about what your rights are in this situation, what type of benefits you could receive and whether you will survive financially.

Will Your Employer Pay Up?

Morally and ethically, if you are injured or suffer from a condition that means you are unable to work your employer should pay the costs. You should still get paid, particularly in the short term. If you were injured while at work, you might even be eligible for a personal injury claim and you should certainly talk to your lawyer about this possibility. You need to do this as soon as possible after an accident occurs if you want the best chance at being awarded damages. It’s never a bad idea to lawyer up in this type of situation.

Unfortunately, legally, a business may not be required to cover you financially. It doesn’t matter how long you have been working there. The blunt truth is that they will see you as a financial weight on their company and will do anything they can to get rid of it. There are even horror stories where businesses have covered up evidence, hidden witnesses and lied to avoid payments. As such, you can’t rely on the support of your employer or the help of a lawyer.

So, What Can You Do?

Well, save while you are making an income to make sure that you do have some money that you can use if you are ever are unable to work. As well as this, you should think about having at least two incomes in your household. One of these should be passive, or it shouldn’t be related to your welfare at all. That way, you can make sure your family will always have financial support.

You can also look into insuring income earnings before an accident like this happens. By insuring your income, you can make sure that if you are unable to work, you’ll still get the money you need for the quality of life that you have grown accustomed to.

Can You Look For Other Work?

Finally, you can think about looking for work that will be more suited to your situation. Even if you are housebound, you might be able to find a job working from home. With such a diverse job market, you shouldn’t immediately give up on the possibility that you could work again.

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