The 3 P’s That Determine Whether Customers Will Buy From You

When operating a customer-facing business, you should always have customer experience in mind. It’s essential to put yourself in your customer’s shoes to figure out what you can make better for them. At the end of the day, you want to make their decision to use your business easy.

The best thing you can do is consider the deciding factors that go into making a purchase. There are some questions practically everyone asks themselves before buying anything. By addressing these, you can make a customer’s decision to buy from you much easier. You’ll generate sales and keep your clients happy. Here are three important p-words to consider.


How close you are to potential customers has a huge impact on your profits. The first consideration to make is where your business should be located. Car repair services should always be close to busy roads. Stationery shops will make more sales if they’re close to a university campus.

Even when you’re selling online, customers may be hesitant to buy from you if you’re far away. It may make them think delivery will take longer, or contacting customer service will be hard. Many businesses use virtual mailbox services to counteract this. Having postal addresses all over the country can give more customers peace of mind that you have a presence close to them. Even one address in a busy area like Manhattan can attract more people.

Sometimes having multiple locations can help. Fast food outlets regularly open up as many chains in pedestrian-heavy areas as possible. This way, they can be the most convenient choice for food in many locations.


Naturally, the price of your products or services can make customers think twice about buying from you. If your profits are decreasing, it may be time to lower your prices. Many businesses battle it out for the lowest prices with competitors.

There are many ways to cater to those looking for lower prices. You may want to keep some products high, but deliver others in lower price ranges. This way, if people like your cheap products, they’ll also buy your more expensive ones in future.

Another option is to provide financing options. Services like car dealerships often offer leasing or monthly payment options so people can handle the huge expenses. Furniture and electronics stores often allow customers to pay off purchases in installments.

Payment Options

Customers like to make their purchases in different ways. You’ll need to cater to as many as possible to ensure more buy from you.

Having stores with well-staffed points of sale is a great start. Make sure you accept as many cards as possible. You may even want to take contactless mobile payments, as these are starting to become popular. Many consumers also prefer self-checkout areas.

Don’t just focus on physical selling, though. You should also make online sales available and easy to access. Having a company website which works for both computers and smartphones is an excellent start. Use shopping cart software to allow customers to find items and pay online. You may also want to sell on sites such as Amazon to give another option to buyers.

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