15 Quick-and-Easy Ways to Save Money as a Homeowner

15 quick and easy ways to save money as a homeowner

It’s only natural to seek ways to save money around the house.

There are “big wins” in savings such as completely re-doing the insulation or purchasing a whole set of new appliances that are energy efficient, but this costs big bucks and the point of this article is to give you fifteen quick-and-easy methods that you could do in very little time.

Here are the suggestions…

1. Change the A/C (just a little bit)

A simple one or two degree change to the normal temperature you have the A/C set at can add up in savings; you aren’t likely to tell the difference between 72 and 73 degrees but you’ll certainly see it once the electric bill comes in.

2. Buy Generic whenever Possible

The difference between name-brands and generics is pretty small so next time you need a few household items, consider the dollar store rather than the big box retailers.

3. Cut out the gas station

Try to only go to the gas station for gas (simple enough, right?) because everything is a premium due to convenience – practice patience on those impulse purchases and it’ll pay off.

4. Lose the cable

Cable costs continues to rise leading to a hole in your finances. Consider, instead, Direct TV local availability, which can lead to better rates while attaining a great deal of channels to choose from.

5. Visit the farmers market

You’d be surprised that you most likely have a farmers market in the area; you’ll be even more surprised by the great prices on everyday vegetables and fruits you’re paying a premium on when going to one of the local supermarkets.

6. Heat the person – not the home

When the weather is chilly it’s far easier to throw on a few extra layers than cranking up the heat. A $5-$10 sweater or bath robe will often do the trick.

7. Reuse as much as you can

Reuse anything and everything that has another purpose, whether it’s those plastic containers sandwich meat comes in or plastic jugs to fill with water in case you don’t have access to water during a hurricane or major snow storm.

8. Declutter and embrace the wait

Get rid of things you no longer need or want. Not only will you make a few bucks but you’ll also start to enjoy the extra space and feel less inclined to go back out to the store to buy things just to fill up space.

9. Invest in surge protectors

A decent surge protector may set you back $30 – $50 but it sure as heck beats having your TV, radio, or other major piece of electronics fried during a storm.

10. Get into couponing

Coupons ain’t just for grandma anymore. Go online to coupon sites or save the deals you find in the newspaper.For example, if you want to look great on a budget, you can take advantage of automatic Macy’s cashback using Join Piggy’s app. Every little bit counts but just make sure you’re not buying a product just because you have a coupon.

11. Learn to fix common household issues

There are plenty of simple repairs you can do around the house instead of hiring a handyman. Jump on over to YouTube, DIYNetwork.com, or BobVilla.com and you’ll have all the knowledge to fix these common issues.

12. Stop comparing yourself to others

That whole “keeping up with the Joneses” thing needs to stop. You need to life your lifestyle. Focus less on what others are doing and more on getting out of the rat race so you have more money to do what you want (and to reinvest in your home).

13. Go second-hand

Take a trip out to one of the flea markets or a thrift store next time you need something. You may hunt for it a while but when you do find what you’re looking for it’ll be a fraction of the cost. Otherwise get technical and use Craigslist or an app like OfferUp to see if someone’s selling what you want in the area.

14. Reconfigure your holidays

Do you go all out for the holidays spending tons of money for gifts or buying stuff for yourself during Black Friday? There are plenty of great gifts you can get for reasonable prices and you don’t always need to upgrade your household items each year just because it’s on sale.

15. Take a 30 day challenge

Try giving up something you love for 30 days and see if you really care about it once the time is up. It could be picking up Starbucks every day, going out to eat frequently, buying movies, and the like. If you still want it after the 30 days then go get it – but at least give it a try and see how you feel afterward.

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