12 Useful Tips for Buying Various Kinds of Insurance

Getting insurance is only a hassle if you come in unprepared. Take a lot of the guesswork out of getting insurance by memorizing these twelve tips. They’ll come in handy when you need that extra bit of buying power to separate the good providers from the bad.

12. Don’t Wait Until The Last Minute

Getting insurance at the last minute is sure to force some bad decisions. This is often the case when dealing with multiple carriers in a single day without a reference. If you manage to make a lifelong decision in less than a day, then chances are it is too fast. Plan ahead before you decide on insurance so that kneejerk decisions don’t take the place of common sense.

11. Price Isn’t Everything

There is nothing wrong with wanting to save a couple of bucks. But when those couple of bucks is the difference between good and great, it can cost you thousands. Don’t take for granted the usefulness of having great insurance over good. The long-term effects will surely become an issue when you actually need the insurance. Instead of ‘nationwide’ being on your side, you’ll only have the support of a small town.

10. Needs Are Better Than Wants

Sure, having all of the bells and whistles on an insurance policy feels good. But what sacrifices did you have to make to get it? If you had to give up a good deductible to make room for towing, then your priorities are in the wrong order. Take a close look at the services you need from an insurance contract. After you fill those, then go for wants.

9. Discounts Are Everywhere

Every insurance company has discounts of some kind. The trick is that they won’t always tell you upfront. You have to be willing and able to research or ask for these discounts. Common among all industries is a discount for being a student, using autopay or being a new customer. They are obligated to tell you when asked, so just think of it as the representative doing their jobs.

8. Sometimes It Helps To Have Backups

One insurance company doesn’t have to cover everything. For instance, using the homeowner’s insurance to cover every expensive item in your home is generally a bad idea. The smarter thing to do is to get homeowners insurance as the priority policy, then use an additional backup to cover smaller items. That way, you are 100% covered by two policies instead of somewhat covered by one.

7. First Timers Should Talk To An Independent Agent

This is more of a life advice tip for first-timers. The options can be intimidating, so take the time to talk to an independent agent to get the gist of what you need. This isn’t about getting insurance from the agent, but gauging what you will be getting yourself into. They are a valuable source of information for first-time insurance buyers, so why not pick their brain?

6. Save Time With An Engine

It is beneficial to have all of your resources on one page so that you can go down a list. Read more about insurance search engines and learn of their benefits. This is a huge time saver that is often ignored when looking for insurance companies. The myth around engines is that they show favouritism towards one company. This just isn’t the case, as modern advancements have made them much more efficient.

5. Did You Even Buy Your ____ Yet?

You don’t have to buy a house, car or any other compatible item before looking at insurance. In fact, it is possible to get a quote with information you provided and have it stand once you get the item in question. If all of the information lines up, you’ll have the exact quote or a close estimate of expected policy numbers.

4. Reputation Is Everything

Why would you entrust your insurance policy to a company that has bad reviews and ratings? This is a pretty accurate tip to follow for anything in life. When you are putting down your hard-earned cash to protect something, would you entrust that to a person with a bad reputation? Use that same logic when looking for an insurance company.

3. Don’t be Afraid To Walk Away

Telling an agent you need time to ‘think about it’ is a normal response when you’re making a big decision. Make sure they lock in whatever current quote was offered, and just get back to them at a later date. This is how you shop around for the correct insurance without jumping at the first company to provide an offer.  They should court you, not the other way around.

2. You Can Always Upgrade Later

There is no need to get everything in one go. You can always upgrade later for the same cost. Find the most essential services of policy and just add to it as you see fit. There is nothing you will miss out on by not getting it at a later date. This is a good tip for buyers that are cash-starved but need a great policy immediately. Get the most vital stuff now, and then add the final trimmings down the line.

1. Be Honest

Lying will only make things more difficult for you when getting insurance. Even a slight omission could raise the cost of your policy at an unfortunate time, or give the company the wiggle room to deny protecting you when something goes wrong. Always be honest and truthful, and if you don’t know the answer to a question find out. If any part of your policy is violated, companies have the full right to refuse you as a customer.

Wrap Up

That should sum it up for anyone that wants to get their hands-on grade A insurance. Having a cool commercial helps, but don’t use that as your priority for choosing. And if you’re lucky, insurance will never have to be used in your lifetime.

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